Intellicor Board of Trustees

Dr. Mohammad Adnan Alghorani, Chairman

Dr. Ayman Hajjar, Vice Chairman

Mr. Ahmad Al-Ganim, Treasurer

Dr. Shakeer Mahmood

Dr. Abdelrahman Nimeri

Intellicor Board of Advisors

Experts and experienced professionals in education and the related fields.


Intellicor Curricular Committees

Intellicor Curriculum Committee:

Prof. Khalaf Nassar, Professor of Educational Psychology and Psychometry

Dr. Mohammad Adnan Alghorani, Associate Professor of School Psychology


Intellicor STEM Committee:

Dr. Basel Kanawati

Dr. Mohamad Awadallah

Mr. Bader Omar

Ms. Sally Adnan

Ms. Elizabeth Innes-Hijazi

Ms. Khadiga Konsouh

Ms. Tasnim Shuli

Ms. Nada Khodier


Intellicor English Language Arts (ELA) Committee:


Intellicor Arabic Language Committee:



Intellicor Quran & Islamic Studies Committee:

Mr. Jamal Uddin

Ms. Nesrin Matar


Intellicor Arts & Designs Committee:


Intellicor Physical Education & Health Committee: 


Intellicor Operational Committees

Intellicor Campus Committee:

Dr. Ayman Hajjar

Intellicor Financial Committee:

Intellicor HR Committee:

Prof. Khalaf Nassar 

Dr. Manhal Dakhlallah 

Mr. Ahmad Maher Alghourani 

Intellicor Information & Communication Committee (ICT):

Eng. Mohammed Alsaleh

Eng. Abdullah Choudhury

Intellicor Social Committee:

Intellicor Youth Committee:

Donations to INTELLICOR are Zakat-eligible (per AMJA Fatwa) and tax-deductible. INTELLICOR's federal tax ID for tax deductions is 81-0902669  

Intellicor International Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities.

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