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Founder's Message to Prospective Teachers


At Intellicor International Academy, we hope to be a leading educational entity.  We are very ambitious. We acknowledge that our teachers are the forefront for achieving our goals.  As a team member with Intellicor International Academy, we trust that you are a professional teacher, committed to students and education, and a believer in our curriculum and educational philosophy. In return, we promise to exert every effort to make you content by providing competitive offerings and a series of professional development workshops with the Academy and with the International Baccalaureate Organization.  You can find a series of workshops at


Intellicor International Academy is accepting resumes for all positions; teaching staff, administrative staff, and support staff.  Salaries and benefits are commensurate mainly with one's highest academic degree, teaching certificate, and years of teaching experience.

If you are interested in joining Intellicor, knidly submit the following documents to the school Founder and Principal, Dr. Mohammad Adnan Alghorani, via email to Principal[at]

  1. Curriculum Vitae / Resume: Please include

    1. Educational Qualifications

    2. Employment Experience

    3. Skills

    4. List of References

  2. Cover Letter: Please, include

    1. The position you are applying for

    2. Your approach to fulfilling job’s duties (most importantly, your teaching philosophy/approach)

    3. Why you want to join IIA



We have received many resumes for administrative and teaching staff positions.  Because we are looking for the best candidate for each position, we encourage everyone interested to apply.

Salary & Benefits

Base Salary

Degree Level Allowance

Teaching Certificate(s) Allowance

Years of Experience Allowance

Health Benefits are considered.

As of now, the Shifa Clinic promised to offer health assistance to school staff and families.

We’re Hiring

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