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Salam Alikoom!


Welcome to our school library site. The Intellicor School Library's mission is to support and further grow the learning objectives of its faculty and students. Library resources and material will be selected based on this mission. You will find resources about the rules and regulations of our school library as well as recommended reading lists (coming soon!) for different topics from our school staff and volunteers.



To access our school catalog online go to: (or CLICK HERE)


Please email ( with any questions or comments. Thank you!

Upcoming Events

CML Outreach Visits

Intellicor is proud to partner with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library system to provide the best education possible for its students. Starting in November, CML will begin a monthly library outreach visit to the Intellicor School Library. Librarians will conduct story time for elementary students and students will be able to checkout public library books using their public library cards. Students will then be able to return the books to the public librarians on their next visit. Parents are welcome to join!

Library Rules

Behavioral Expectations

The use of the Intellicor School Library and its materials are privileges. Students are expected to utilize library time productively and quietly. They should arrive to the library with any necessary materials needed for their work. Improper, inappropriate, or destructive conduct will lead to loss of these privileges. Acceptable behavior includes:

  1. Checking out and requesting materials

  2. Reading

  3. Studying

  4. Completing school tasks with teacher/librarian permission


  2. Students who come to the library from a class or study hall (excluding study hall groups which bring a list of student names to the library) during regular class periods must have a teacher pass and check into the library at the circulation desk. On passes, teachers should indicate any tasks that students should complete while in the library.

  3. Study hall groups must bring with them a written list of student names to indicate who has permission to be in the library. Students are expected to stay until the end of the period and may not leave without permission.

  4. Teachers may reserve use of the library for a particular period.

  5. Students who pass through the library while classes are in session are expected to do so quietly and quickly.


Circulation Rules

  1. Library materials can be checked out for a two-week period.  Renewals can be placed by the librarian or volunteer.  Materials will not be checked out in someone else's name.

  2. Students are charged 10 cents for each late day.  However, any late fee accrued that equals $1.00 or less will be waived.  Therefore, students have a 10-day grace period.  Lost or damaged materials will be billed at replacement cost.

  3. Students who have overdue materials may not check out other materials until the overdue materials are returned. There are no exceptions to this policy.

  4. Reference books may be checked out for overnight use, with permission of the librarian (Middle School and High School).


Lost, Damaged, Overdue Books

  • Lost Books- All lost books must be paid for in full.  The cost for each book is the cost of replacement, which includes a processing fee of $5.00.

  • Damaged Books­- A fee of $2.00 will be charged to a student who damages a book that can be repaired.

  • Charges to Student Accounts When a student is charged for a lost or damaged book, the student may not check out any materials until the charges are cleared from the account.

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