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Intellicor STEM Program

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Intellicor International Academy

Intellicor International Academy

Intellicor International Academy
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Intellicor Parents Testimonial

Intellicor Parents Testimonial

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the new sport day (1)

the new sport day (1)

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Program Coordinator:

Dr. Mohammad Awadallah

Ph.D. in Radiation Physics

STEM Consultant




Basic skills of math to achieve proficiency to handle their math classes.


Hands-on experiments using the GEMS kits. Students will perform scientific experiments compatible with their school disciplines.


Training on design, construction and programming a Robot to be followed by students’ building their own robots. Group robot competitions will aim at encouraging innovation.


An exhibition will be held at the end of the program to show the products they have made with their hands. This will Include a Robot Championship


Target age:

Grade level 3rd - 8th


Target participants: 

Open to all (not limited to Intellicor's students)


​​Times and location:

Sundays 9 -1

Starting Sunday 26 February 2017

Sessions will take place at Intellicor International Academy




8 Sundays


Math Instructors: Mr. Badr Omar

Science Instructor: 

Robotics Instructor: 


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