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Founder’s Message


Welcome to Intellicor International Academy. The name of the school, Intellicor, is derived from the founding principle of the adopted schooling system, the Intellectual Hearts School Project. The root ‘Intelli’ is derived from Intelligence/Intellectual and the root ‘cor’ is derived from core/heart. Intellicor is based on the Intellectual Hearts concept, where one’s heart and brain connect and collaborate. The heart encapsulates one’s core beliefs, which affects how the brain processes information. That is, one’s sensation and perception is dependent on the heart’s beliefs. We tend to understand the world in light of the beliefs we hold in our hearts.


Dr. Mohammad Adnan Alghorani

Intellicor International Academy is the pioneer school of the Intellectual Hearts School Project, a project of the International Development & Education Association (IDEA Consulting).


Intellicor International Academy is designed to be student-focused, committed to collaboration with families, and dedicated to serve our communities and nation.


Some of you may be interested in knowing a little bit about me.  I was born and raised in Damascus, Syria.  I graduated from Damascus University with a B.Ed. in Psychology and a Graduate Diploma in Counseling Psychology and Educational and Vocational Guidance. Then, I completed my M.A. in Educational Psychology, with a concentration in Educational Administration, and my Ph.D. in School Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin.


My K-12 education-related jobs include:

  1. Founder & Principal of Austin Peace Elementary School which evolved to become Austin Peace Academy at Austin, Texas

  2. Principal of the Quranic Weekend School Program in Austin, Texas

  3. Principal of Michigan Islamic Academy


I have three wonderful children: Yusuf, Yahya, and Maria. 


You are all welcome to all city-wide lectures and information sessions.  These are chances for students and parents to know about the school, as well as meet other prospective Intellicor families.


Consider getting involved with the school.  We can always use volunteers.  Give the school office a call.  We will be happy to help you find an area you can help out in!


Having the opportunity to work with the dedicated staff and parents in Charlotte is truly great!  This new school is a dream come true.


Hats off to a wonderful school year!  See you soon!



Dr. Mohammad Adnan Alghorani

Founder, Intellicor International Academy

Non-Discrimination Policy

INTELLICOR INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and welcomes all to apply without regard to age, color, gender, gender expression, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. We also encourage protected veterans and individuals with disabilities to apply/enroll.

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