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Intellicor International Academy.

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Donations to INTELLICOR are Zakat-eligible and tax-deductible. INTELLICOR's federal tax ID for tax deductions is 81-0902669  

Intellicor International Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities.

Admissions Process

Kindly, complete the following Registration Intention Form:




















The below forms are updated for the academic year 2019-2020

  1. Download the Registration Package and fill in all forms:

    1. Current Students Re-Enrollment Form

    2. Family Enrollment Form & Master Consent Form 2019-2020 

    3. Financial Agreement Form 2019-2020

    4. New Student Enrollment Form 2019-2020 (For each child)

      1. Student's Birth Certificate

      2. Immunization Records

        1. Must be submitted within the first 30 days of school

        2. Make sure that your child's immunizations record is current.

      3. Health Assessment

      4. Previous School(s) Records or a signed Records Request Form.

      5. If applicable, submit a copy of Custodial/Guardianship Documentation(s)

    5. Intellicor Quran Hifz Program Enrollment Form

      1. Hifz Program Waiting List

    6. Intellicor School Bus Enrollment Form 

  2. Submit the completed Registration Package forms to the admission office.

  3. Pay the Registration & Annual Fees at the time of registration

    1. This is a one-time payment for the entire academic year

    2. It covers the following fees: Registration Application Fee, Record Keeping Fee, Essential Classroom Supplies Fee, Assessment Fee, Textbooks Rental Fee (Textbooks & e-Books), Technology Fee, Lab Fee, and School Library Fee.

    3. Everyone has to make this payment including families applying for Scholarships and all families of current students.​​

  4. Schedule for Admission Assessment upon registration.  The Admission Assessment will include:

    1. IQ Assessment of Fluid Intelligence: It is a nonverbal measure of intellectual abilities for culturally and linguistically diverse groups. Among many, it measures Fluid Intelligence, which is the capacity to think logically and solve problems in novel situations, independent of acquired knowledge. Fluid Intelligence involves the ability to identify patterns and relationships that underpin novel problems and to extrapolate these findings using logic.

    2. Academic Achievement Assessment: It is an academic skills assessment which measures reading skills, math skills, spelling, and comprehension. The measure serves as an excellent initial academic achievement evaluation, re-evaluation, or progress measure for any student.

    3. Behavioral & Emotional Screening:

    4. Children's Temperament/Personality Assessment: It helps to identify students' learning style(s).  

  5. Make Tuition Payments, according to your selection of tuition payment plan.

Tuition and Fees

  • Tuition: The Monthly Tuition for each grade level is $475 (Semester = $2375) (Annually = $4750).

  • ​​​Sibling Discount:

        Number of Children     Monthly Per Child      Monthly Tuition       Semester Tuition      Annual Tuition

                        1                                   $475                           $475                             $2,375                    $4,750

                        2                                   $450                           $900                             $4,500                    $9,000

                        3                                   $425                        $1,275                             $6,375                  $12,750

                        4                                   $415                        $1,660                             $8,300                  $16,600

                        5                                   $400                        $2,000                           $10,000                  $20,000


  • Tuition Proration:

    • Parents will not pay tuition for the weeks their children were not enrolled in the school. Intellicor tuition per week is $100. Therefore, prorated tuition will be deducted at a rate of $100 per week.  

    • Prorated Tuition = Annual Tuition – ($100 x number of weeks prior to enrollment).

  • In the unfortunate circumstance where a parent withdraws his/her child from school, paid tuition is non-refundable and unpaid tuition up to the end of the month of withdrawal is due before student’s records are released.

  • Admissions Fees $125: (per each returning or a new child, non-refundable, due at the time of submitting an application), it covers:
    • Admission Processing Fee: $75

    • Admission Assessment Fee: $50

  • Annual Fees: $275 (Refundable if not admitted, Due on or before August 1st), and it covers:

    • Textbooks Rental & eBooks Fees: $175

      • Parents pay for / purchase the student's workbooks.

      • At the end of the year, students should return all Textbooks. If damaged, parents pay for the books, depending on the extent of the damage:

        • %35 of the price if damaged but usable,

        • %65 of the price if very damaged but usable,

        • %100 of the price if completely damaged and not usable.

    • Technology Fee: $40

    • Lab Fee: $40

    • Library Fee: $20

  • Tuition Installment Fee: $35 per family payment (It is per family payment, not per child. It is waived if you pay all tuition in One annual payment).

  • Late Payment Fee: $5 (To avoid this charge, please pay on or before the first of each month).

  • Payment Processing Fee: %3.5 of Payment (To avoid this charge, please pay by checks or cash. We are charged 3.5%-4% for online processing of payments.)

  • Events and Field Trips Fees vary per event.​​​​



Check each of the following scholarships websites, as each has its specific set of eligibility guidelines:

In general, the Household Income Eligibility guidelines for 2019-2020 is as follows:











  1. Opportunity Scholarship:

    1. www.ncseaa.edu (grants up to $4200 annually)

    2. Please, apply ASAP because scholarships are offered as long as funds are available.

    3. Contact Info/Application: http://www.ncseaa.edu/OSG.htm

    4. Apply via MyPortal. Create a New Account! Click here for MyPortal assistance

    5. Program Overview

    6. Eligibility Part 1 – All Required

    7. Eligibility Part 2 – Only One Required

    8. Household Income Eligibility Guidelines

    9. Opportunity Scholarship Program Definitions

    10. Opportunity Scholarship Household Income Worksheet

  2. Children's Scholarship Fund:

    1. www.csfcharlotte.org (grants up to $2500 annually up to 8th grade).

    2. Please, apply ASAP because scholarships are offered as long as funds are available.

    3. Contact Info/Application: http://csfcharlotte.org/contact-us/ 

  3. Muslim Education Center Scholarship:

    1. Available only to those who do not qualify for Opportunity Scholarship and Children's Scholarship but need some financial support to attend Intellicor International Academy.

    2. Conditional upon making the required academic progress, according to the Academic Intervention Plan that is established based on the results of Admission Assessment and student's class academic performance.

    3. Applications, requirements, and deadlines will be announced shortly. 


Transitional Kindergarten

  1. Transitional KG students are those who become 5 years old on or before April 15th, following the beginning of the academic school year.

  2. CMS criteria for Transitional KG is benchmarked at Intellicor International Academy.  

  3. Transitional KG students will be placed in the Pre-KG or KG class, depending on age and the results of the assessment.

  4. Transitional KG children will not be automatically promoted to 1st grade unless they are ready for 1st Grade curriculum.

  5. Decisions to promote a Transitional KG student to 1st Grade will be made by KG Teacher, K-5 Coordinator, and School Principal.


Admission Final Decision

 The final decision to admit a student at Intellicor is based on 

  1. Intellicor Admission Assessment is administered as screening measures, so parents of children who score below the following cut-off points are requested to arrange for a comprehensive psychoeducational assessment to ensure that their children's mental abilities and academic aptitudes are within the normal range. 

    1. Fluid IQ Percentile equals at least 10.   

    2. Academic Achievement Grade Equivalent Score is not more than 3 grades below one's respective grade level. Children who are 1 to 3 grades below their respective grade level will have to follow a detailed academic intervention plan. Decisions to offer and/or continue to offer MEC Scholarship is contingent upon parents' fulfillment the academic intervention plan.  

  2. Previous School Records  


In the unfortunate event where a child is not accepted because of not meeting the above requirements, parents will be charged only the Registration Application Fee and the Assessment Fee (a total of $125) and the remaining ($275 of the $400 annual fees) will be refunded.



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