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K - 12

NEW PLANS FOR 2022-2023:

  1. Expanding Kindergarten to have at least 4 classrooms.

  2. Expanding Elementary to have 2 sections per grade level.

  3. School Counselor.

  4. Expanding Basketball/Volleyball Field.

  5. Upgrading all playgrounds.

  6. School Fence and Security.





  1. Admission (Advanced Tuition) Fee $200 (Non Refundable)

  2. NC Opportunity Scholarship $6,492 per eligible child.

  3. Charlotte's Children Scholarship Fund 25%-75% of Tuition.

  4. For Annual Out-of-Pocket, contact Admissions Office

  5. Part-Time Enrollment is available.

  6. Dual Enrollment at CPCC & Other Colleges

  7. Sponsorships, Discounts & Other Optional Fees (listed in the Tuition & Fees section below) 

Important Admissions Updates:

  1. Seats for New Enrollment of new students and for Re-Enrollment of current students are only reserved by paying the $200 non-refundable advance tuition payment.

  2. Seats are reserved rapidly.

Did You Decide to Enroll Your Child(ren)?

  1. Complete the Enrollment Form on the Intellicor Online Enrollment portal. 

    1. Upload or Submit the following forms to Intellicor Admissions Office:

      1. Parents IDs: If applicable, submit also a copy of Custodial/Guardianship Documentation(s)

      2. Student's Birth Certificate or any official document where all the following are shown in one document: Child Full Name, Child Date of Birth, at least on Parent's Full Name.

      3. If parents are divorced, submit a legal document stating the name of the parent who has legal custody of the child.

      4. Immunization Record (the most recently updated)

      5. Health Assessment Form (to be signed by the child's doctor)

    2. Sign the e-Forms that will be emailed to you:
      1. Family Master Consent Form

      2. New Student Enrollment Addendum Form

      3. Student's Records Request Form​​

      4. Immunization Waiver (if you are not providing the Immunization Record)

  2. Pay the Enrollment (Advanced Tuition) Fee: Pay $200 per child, at the time of registration. Your child's seat is not reserved unless this fee is made. This is not an additional fee. It is considered an advance payment of the total tuition.

  3. Schedule for Admission Assessment upon registration.  The Admission Assessment will include:

    1. IQ Assessment of Fluid Intelligence: It is a nonverbal measure of intellectual abilities for culturally and linguistically diverse groups. Among many, it measures Fluid Intelligence, which is the capacity to think logically and solve problems in novel situations, independent of acquired knowledge. Fluid Intelligence involves identifying patterns and relationships that underpin novel problems and extrapolating these findings using logic.

    2. Academic Achievement Assessment: It is an academic skills assessment that measures reading skills, math skills, spelling, and comprehension. The measure serves as an excellent initial academic achievement evaluation, re-evaluation, or progress measure for any student.

    3. Behavioral & Emotional Screening:

    4. Children's Temperament/Personality Assessment: It helps to identify students' learning style(s). 

Tuition & Fees:

Tuition for 2022-2023:

  1. Admissions Fee = $200 non-refundable, per child, for re-enrollment or new enrollment.

  2. Tuition is based on the admission category:

    1. General Education Program (GEP): REGULAR/STANDARD TUITION.

      1. Assessment Results: National Percentile Rank = 9 to 95.

      2. Annual Tuition: Recipients of the Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP) pay out-of-pocket only $1008 per child, annually. This is if they receive 100% Scholarship.  Those that receive 90% Scholarship will pay approximately $1,658 per child. 

      3. Annual Tuition: Recipients of Charlotte's Children Scholarship Fund (CSF) are awarded 25%-75% of School Tuition. Parents pay the remaining balance.

      4. If your child is not eligible for OSP or CSF, the sibling tuition makes your total out-of-pocket as follows:

        • $5,800 for 1 child

        • $11,400 for 2 children ($5,700 each)

        • $16,800 for 3 children ($5,600 each)

        • $22,000 for 4 children ($5,500 each)

        • $27,000 for 5 children ($5,400 each)

    2. Gifted and Talented Program (GTP):

      1. Assessment Results: National Percentile Rank = 96 to 100.

      2. $500 annually, per subject, will be added to the Regular GEP Tuition. 

    3. Remedial Intervention Program (RIP):

      1. Assessment Results: National Percentile Rank = 5 to 8.

      2. $500 annually, per subject, will be added to the Regular GEP Tuition.

    4. Special Education Program (SEP):
      1. Assessment Results: National Percentile Ranks = 0 to 4. 
      2. Recipients of Disability Grants do not pay out-of-pocket for SEP.
      3. If your child does not have the Disability Grant, then the out-of-pocket $1,500 annually will be added to the Regular GEP tuition.
  3. Tuition is inclusive of the following:

    1. Textbooks Rental & eBooks Fees: (This does not include the Workbooks that are consumable). At the end of the year, students should return all Textbooks. If damaged, parents pay for the books, depending on the extent of the damage:
      • 35% of the price, if damaged but usable,

      • 65% of the price, if very damaged but still usable,

      • 100% of the price, if completely damaged and not usable.

    2. Technology Fees: This covers the Internet and Academic software.​​

    3. EOG/EOC Testing Fees

    4. Admissions Assessment of IQ and Academic Achievement. This is only screening testing. ​

  4. Workbooks and Reading/Worksheets Packets: $75 - $100 may be added later.

  5. Part-Time / Dual Enrollment Students: Fees $300 + Tuition $1,250 per course, up to 4 courses. (more than 4 courses will be charged full tuition).

  6. Additional Fees:

    1. Quran Hifz Program:

    2. Transportation: The bus fee varies depending on distance and the number of children per family.

    3. Lunch Program: The monthly lunch fee will differ depending on the child's age. 

    4. Payment Processing Fee:

      • Credit/Debit Cards Payment: 3.5% of Payment Amount

      • ACH Payment from Bank Account: $4 per transaction.

      • To avoid this charge, please pay by check, cash, Zelle, or Venmo. We are charged 3.5%-4% for the online processing of payments by credit cards and bank withdrawal.

    5. Events and Field Trips Fees vary per event.

    6. Damaged Textbooks: Parents pay for the books, depending on the extent of the damage:

      • 35% of the book price, if damaged but usable,

      • 65% of the book price, if very damaged but still usable,

      • 100% of the book price, if completely damaged and not usable.

    7. Damage to School Building/Properties: The damage will be repaired by the school and the cost of repair will be added to the family charges to pay.

    8. Repair or cost of damaged electronic devices that are assigned to the student by the school. The damage will be repaired by the School ICT Dept. and the cost will be added to the family charges to pay. ​​

    9. Other educational/psychological assessments are available for additional fees. 


Additional Discounts / Deductions :

  1. Tuition Proration:

    1. Parents will not pay tuition for the weeks that their children were not enrolled in school.  Therefore, prorated tuition will be deducted at a rate of -$30 per day.  

    2. Prorated Tuition = Annual Tuition – ($30 x number of days prior to enrollment).

  2. Reimbursement for Withdrawal: Tuition until the end of the month, during which withdrawal takes place is non-refundable. All paid tuition for later months are refundable.


First: Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP)
Available to residents in North Carolina only.
OSP Award = $6,168 per child per year.

This Opportunity Scholarship is not awarded to full-time, online students.
How to Apply? Should you need help, stop by the school or email the admissions officer at 
This is an income-based tuition assistance program for eligible students.









Scholarships are awarded by lottery. 

An interactive checklist containing important deadlines is available for download as a pdf file.

Step 1: Review the program requirements 

All Required:

  • Household must meet the Household Income Eligibility Guidelines (students in foster care are automatically eligible regardless of the household income of their foster family)

  • At least 5 years old by August 31 or at least 4 by April 16 with  private school administrator approval for kindergarten

  • Lives in NC

  • Has not graduated high school

  • Has not enrolled in a post-secondary institution full-time*  

One Required:

  • Received and used Opportunity Scholarship funds in the previous year

  • Attended an NC public school or Department of Defense school in NC as a full-time student**  

  • Entering kindergarten, 1st grade, or 2nd grade

  • In foster care, or adopted within the last year

  • Has a parent on full-time active military duty or a parent who received an honorable discharge within the last year 

Step 2: Check your income eligibility 

The OSP has increased the amount of Income Eligibility so more families qualify for the scholarship. So, please check it out. For example, a family of 4 will qualify if making annually between $51,338 and $89,8425; and a family of 5 will qualify if making annually between $60,070 and $105,123.


Step 3: Set up a MyPortal Account

Step 4: Apply on MyPortal

Application Date opened on February 1, 2022


Available to residents in Mecklenburg County only.
CSF-Charlotte Award = between 75% to 25% of tuition, depending on each family’s income and household size.
For more details:
Should you need help, stop by the school or email the admissions officer at 


Third: Intellicor Sponsorships: 

  • This fund is collected from donations (Zakat and Sadaqa). If you are eligible to receive Zakat and Sadaqa, you may apply for this assistance, by completing a sponsorship application and attaching your most recent tax transcript. If you are not eligible to receive Zakat and Sadaqa, please, do not apply! 

  • Available to those who do not qualify for the NC State Opportunity Scholarship and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Children's Scholarship Fund. A letter of denial should be submitted.


Applying for a scholarship does not guarantee admission to Intellicor.
To secure your child's spot at Intellicor, you must also complete the school enrollment form and pay the fees.

Intellicor Enrollment opens on February 1st. 

Should you need help, stop by the school or email the admissions officer at

Screenshot 2023-02-09 133315.png

Kindergarten Admissions: (Pre-K, Transitional KG, and KG)

  1. DayCare Program: The child is younger than 4 years old on August 31st. 

  2. PreK Class: The child is at least 4 years old on August 31st.

  3. KG Class: The child is at least 5 years old on August 31st.

  4. Transitional KG Class: The child should meet all of the following requirements:

    1. The child is not 5 years old yet on August 31st but turned 4 on or before the preceding April 16. Those children are candidates for Transitional Kindergarten.

    2. The child's Standard Scores fall in the 98th percentile rank on 2 tests:

      1. IQ: Intellectual Functioning

      2. Academic Aptitudes: Readiness to learn English and math.​