Our Goal is to help each student to become an Excellent Student, Good Citizen, and Proud Muslim.

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Educating the Minds, Nourishing the Hearts, Preserving Islamic Identity

Islamic School in Charlotte North Carolina

Based on Intellectual Hearts School Model

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Intellicor will be basing its curriculum on the iHeart schooling model. The base of the curriculum is North Carolina Common Core Standards and the Essential Standards. The goal is to reach a level where both International Baccalaureate curricula and Advanced Placement standards are met.

2021-2022 Registration & Updates


Registration Fees:

$200 (at time of registration)


Flexible Tuition Payments Plans

Tuition: $550 to 580 Monthly

Sibling & Referral Discounts


Academic Programs:

Intellicor Hifz Program

STEM Program

Science Olympiad   

Math Acceleration 

Reading Adventure 


Girls Who Code Club

Non-Academic Programs:

Girls Volleyball



Neutral Zone 


Boys Soccer Club

2 buses for South Charlotte and North Charlotte.

Each bus will have 2-3 bus stops.

Fees: $150 (1 Child), $240 (2 Children),

$320 (3 Children).

Bus Enrollment Form

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