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Dr. Mohmmad Adnan Alghorani

Founder & Principal


Dr. Mohammad Adnan Alghorani was born and raised in Damascus, Syria.  He graduated from Damascus University with a B.Ed. in Psychology and a Graduate Diploma in Counseling Psychology and Educational and Vocational Guidance. Then, he completed his M.A. in Educational Psychology, with a concentration on Educational Administration, and a Ph.D. in School Psychology at the University of Texas in Austin. From 2003 to 2015, Dr. Alghorani worked as an associate professor of psychology and then the chair of the Department of Psychology & Counseling at UAE University.  His K-12 education-related experiences include:

  1. Founder & Principal of Peace Elementary School in Austin, Texas, which evolved to become Austin Peace Academy

  2. The principal of the Quranic Weekend School Program in Austin, Texas

  3. The principal of Michigan Islamic Academy


Ms. Aalaa Kamal Fouly

Vice Principal


Ms. Aalaa Kamal Fouly was born in El-Minia, Egypt in 1985. She graduated from Minia University with a Bachelor of Arts, Media and public relations Major. In 2014, she received her Graduate Diploma in Education supervision from Al-Azhar University in Egypt.

She worked in the education field since 2003 as a:

  1.     UCMAS Mental Arithmetic Teacher 2003

  2.     UCMAS Mental Arithmetic, Program Director 2006

  3.     MIA Preschool Director 2009

  4.     El Manara Private schools Deputy Principal 2011

Jinette Gutierrez 2x2.jpg

Ms. Jinette Gutierrez

School Secretary and Cheif Admissions Officer


Ms. Jinette Gutierrez-Jamai was born and raised in Brooklyn N.Y. from Dominican parents. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Hotel/Restaurant Institutional Management in 2003. She just moved, in the Summer of 2019, from Orlando F.L. with her husband Hamid and daughter Amina who is currently in KG2. 

Ms. Jinette enjoys spending time with her family and creating new and memorable experiences. With her extensive career in hospitality and working towards making her guests feel welcomed and at home, she will bring that joy of helping others to our Intellicor community. She is excited about working with all of us to make this another wonderful school year for everyone.

Mr. Wael Obeid.jpeg

Mr. Wael Obeid

Information & Communication Technology Support Staff


Mr. Wael Obeid has a Master of Arts & a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Visual Communication in Advertising, from Lebanese University Institute of Fine Arts, at Tripoli, Lebanon.  

Mr. Wael has worked extensively in Digital Marketing and as an IT Manager.  Mr. Wael worked as an Instructor at Jinan University, in Lebanon. Mr. Wael has taught multiple grade levels at Al-Furqan Academy, in Jacksonville, Florida. 

Rima El Ilani_edited.jpg

Ms. Rima El Ilani

Coordinator of Kindergarten & Teacher of KG 2-A


Ms. Rima El Ilani was born and raised in Saida, Lebanon. She started her educational journey with a B.A. in Law from Lebanese University.  Since she has a passion for dealing with children and the arts, she pursued a Certification in Child Education from Al Moasat Association and then a B.A. in English Literature from Lebanese University.

She has an overall 17 years of experience in Kindergarten teaching. She has started as a teacher for 5 years and then was promoted to Department Manager for 12 years. Since her work has been her passion and her goal was to build a proper Islamic generation, she gave all the efforts to motivate, inspire, and support the kids by all means from providing a safe, secure, and lovable environment to educate them socially, emotionally, and cognitively so they continue to build a foundation for their life-long learning.

Of her interests and achievements comes the art in its different forms, from painting to handcrafts to events decoration and activities planning for kids. She also achieved a certification in Electrocardiogram from National Health Career Association. She has also completed a course from the American Heart Association in Basic Life Support CPR for healthcare providers.


Ms. Deka Abdulle

Teacher of KG 2


Ms. Khadidiatou Diallo.jpg

Ms. Khadidiatou Diallo

Teacher of KG 1



Ms. Jamela Aintrazi

Teacher of Online Students (Grade KG1 to Grade 2)


Ms. Jamela Aintrazi was raised in Matthews, North Carolina and attained a Bachelor of Arts in Education at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC).  She has three years of experience teaching at a Charter School near UNCC. She is looking forward to teaching at an Islamic School insha'Allah in order to pray with her students.  She believes in providing a safe and welcoming environment for all students and upholding expectations for every student. Jamela enjoys creating an atmosphere that sparks students’ interest to learn. Also, she enjoys building a positive environment with the help of the children that integrates positive rules to model appropriate behaviors.

Sheila Hoover-Shephard.jpg

Ms. Sheila Hoover-Shephard

Teacher of Grade 1


Ms. Sheila Hoover-Shephard is a native of Charlotte, NC. She went to Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools and graduated from North Mecklenburg, in Huntersville. Sheila later moved to Boston, Massachusetts, where she obtained her Bachelor's degree in Human Development, from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. She then went on to obtain her Master's degree in Education at the University of Boston, Massachusetts. She spent nearly 20 years, in Boston Public Schools, teaching and supporting students. In December 2018, she accepted a position in CMS as a k2 literacy teacher. She is excited about the opportunity to work with the students and staff at Intellicor Academy and plans to make a great year.


Teacher of Grade 5

Ms. Judy Alhakim.jpeg

Ms. Judy Alhakim

Teacher Aide for Kindergarten


Judy Alhakim is a recent high school graduate who is majoring in Childhood
Education and minoring in Biology. Her experience with children started when
she became a teacher at Al-Bayan Sunday school. It continued by her
volunteering at Intellicor International Academy as a substitute teacher. She is
going to continue her education at UNCC for the next two years then get her
teaching certificate to become an Elementary school teacher.


Teacher of Grade 3


Ms. Shaimaa Ahmed 

Elementary Floating Teacher 


Insaf Kilani_edited.jpg

Ms. Insaf Kilani

Teacher of Grade 4


Ms. Insaf Kilani has lived between USA and Jordan throughout her life, so she studied school here and there on and off, finally graduating from the University of Jordan with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering in 2014 and she found her heart in teaching this past couple of years.

Teaching is an absolute passion of hers! She is so excited to work with Intellicor team! It’s going to be a year full of fun, learning and lots of adventures and I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us.

Ms. Insaf has a 4-year old daughter and she takes up most of her free time. Some of her hobbies are cooking and reading.

This will be her third year of teaching. Last year, she was a 4th and 5th grade Math & Science teacher. She also has some experience as a substitute teacher and as an interventionist.


Mr. Badr Omar

Teacher of Math (Middle and High School)


Although Mr. Badr initially majored in architecture in college, and he then switched to business administration with a concentration in accounting from the Ain Shams University in Cairo, Egypt. After graduation, he found himself naturally inclined to what he loves to do, which is teaching. He has been teaching for the past twenty-nine years.

During this period, he has taught mathematics for grades 3 thru 12, in addition to teaching SAT I and SAT II. He has taught the Egyptian, American, British, and IB curriculum and has been the head of the mathematics departments since 1996.

Ms. Nada Soliman.jpg

Ms. Nada Soliman

Teacher of Math (Middle and High School)


Ms. Ummama Ali.jpeg

Ms. Ummama Ali

Teacher of Science (Middle and High School)


Ms. Soha Ashour.png

Ms. Soha Ashour

Teacher of Arabic Language